Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. These have been answered for your convenience.

Wooden Homes India

Can wooden structures survive in our Monsoon climate?
Yes they do survive well in Indian Climate. Basic annual maintenance and smart building practices can make your project easily last for many years. Weather protection and pest control is essential and you have to ensure that the structure does not get waterlogged. We have houses and hotels we have built in 2012 still standing strong and looking beautiful today.
What is included in the price of wooden cottages?
Factory production of materials and Onsite assembly of all walls and partitions as specified in the plan. Assembly of Doors, Window with glass, locks, latches, gate hooks, and tower bolts. Also included is the 3 layer roof. If you have opted for a turnkey solution, there will be other inclusions specified in the quotation.
What do i need to arrange to build a wooden home?
You will need permissions from local authorities but these are easy to get as the structures are considered temporary. You have to supply the raised and flat plinth for the assembly as per specification provided to you. After assembly the structure, the plumbing, electrical work and polishing or painting has to be carried out. We can arrange this, but you will probably get a better deal from your local providers. Also recommended is pre-construction and post-construction pest control treatment.
What other expenses are there?
Other expenses you have to consider are the Taxes as applicable. Transportation of the materials to your construction site. Providing electrical points and basic assistance for the Assembling Team. Providing food, accommodation, basic amenities and traveling fare to the Assembling Team.
What is the guarantee / warantee?
The structures we build are guaranteed against material and workmanship defects. We take care of any problems that may arise till the structure is fully assembled, inspected and handed over to you. We will handle any post construction damages at cost and also have a AMC scheme in case you would like us to maintain the structure for you.
Can I build my own cottage with WHI supplying just the materials?
Yes 'at your own risk'. We can supply you the materials with detailed assembly instructions if you would like to assemble the cottage by yourself. The individual pieces are clearly marked and we provide details diagrams of how each piece fits together. We can also send across a supervisor to guide you if required. We do not however make free replacements of materials damaged by unskilled assembly and recommend you opt for the option including on-site assembly.
How long does it take to build a wooden structure?
Based on our regular manufacturing work load, we generally advise a 60 day waiting period from the time you place your order. This also gives you time to make the other arrangements and prepare the plinth, plumbing and other facilities. Depending on how large the structure is, we can assemble our common models within a few hours or a couple of days with a full team. The structure assembly is quick. The finishing does take some time with the polishing or painting and the exterior weather coat. You can also arrange your local contractors to carry out these works. We can also supply you with the right materials if required. If your plumbing and electrical contractors are efficient, you can get your place ready in a week from the time the materials are delivered.
Where all do you provide your services to?
Since we have started in 2010, we have undertaken projects all across the country including, Dehli, Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Shillong, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and dozens of other places around India. We also have an export license and are able to ship our models internationally. We look forward to international resort orders.
Do you provide product support ?
We are always happy to help. We understand that our customers may require changes and repairs and maintenance done on their purchases. We are always happy to guide you in case you want to get it done by yourself or you can always reach out to us to dismantle, relocate, renovate, repair and rebuild your structure. We can also provide replacement parts in case of damages. Support is chargeable as per your requirements. Quotations and advice are free.
Why do wooden homes cost what they do?
Our structures are created using imported pine wood specially imported for the purpose and not recycled packing material. The wood has been kiln dried to reduce the moisture content and ensure that the planks don't loose shape by shrinkage. Each plank of wood is carefully crafted by skilled workmen using state of the art machines and finished for a perfect fit. The wood used is ideal for the purpose as it is lightweight and easy to handle and work with and provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Wooden Homes Information

Why one should opt for wooden cottages?
Apart from being an environment-friendly material, there are several advantages of building a wooden house.
Quicker to Build : While a contemporary home, made of brick and mortar takes about 1 to 1.5 years a wooden structure can be completed on-site in 15 days.
Environment friendly: Wooden houses take you to a greener path, helping you contribute your bit to the world.
Wind Bracing: Wooden homes can take countless storms and withstand earthquakes up to 9 Richter scale.
Thermal Benefits: Wood is thermally beneficial. Other material used in the constructions such as concrete, cement and metals are affected by the increase or the decrease in the heat. Most of these materials that are generally used in constructions of a building expand when the temperatures rise
Along with being a good thermal insulator, wood is also an exceptional component to absorb noise.
Cost Effective: Wooden houses are good and affordable option for anyone who wants to go for a cheaper alternative than traditional (and often more expensive) housing options. The cost of prefabricated wooden houses can be 30% - 40% less than the cost of a traditional brick and mortar house.
Energy Efficiency: Wooden buildings are highly energy efficient. Due to their natural insulating properties, wooden structures like the wooden house require less use of temperature control equipment. During winter they offer warmer interiors and in summer, the internal temperature is relatively cool. It reduces the dependency on high energy consuming equipment such as heaters or air conditioners.
What are the advantages of Wood structures?
Roofs are 100% waterproof
Every ton of wood material used in construction saves about 5.7 ton of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.
Time Saving and Energy Efficient to the extent of 33% as compared to conventional structure
Can be dismantled, relocated and reused.
Increased Thermal Performance and better Insulation.
Lower Carbon Footprint
12 times more insulating than concrete
Seismic Activity Resistant
Soothing and Stress Relieving
One might think that cutting trees for timber construction could pose a threat to the environment, but the wood used in building wooden homes are renewable and are regulated by authorities. In addition, these homes are very well insulated and so controlling the temperature inside the structure would require less energy. This means a significant reduction not only in the electricity consumption but also on carbon emissions.
In others wooden house buildings are the best way to relax and enjoy a happy and healthy life
What are the other benefits of wood cottages?
Wooden cottages are very economical compared to concrete structures.
There are less hassles involved in construction of a wooden cottage on a private property because of the Panchayat Raj Act section 100 implemented by the government.
Wooden Houses can be built fast. We leave your site with a cottage and not garbage as you would see at a construction site.
There is a lot of flexibility for making changes in design, unlike in a concrete structure.
The technology used by us to manufacture wooden cottages makes it easy for dismantling and shifting to another place.
Wooden Houses give higher ROI and they can be furnished as per 5 star standards.
Wooden cottages are more preferred by Tourists as they are aesthetically pleasing.
Wooden Cottages can be constructed in Costal Regulatory Zones in close proximity to the sea. You live closer to Nature!
How do wooden cottages suit Indian climate?
The climate in India has distinct seasonal patterns Summer, Winter & Rains
Wood being a natural insulator is very effective in isolating Cold and Heat.
Our Wooden houses can withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy rains and because of the interlocking technique can withstand Force 7 wind pressure in areas where it’s very windy.
We have installed over 500 plus cottages all over India can confidently say that our cottages are able to withstand climatic conditions like summer, winter &rains. Weather conditions like that in Goa, Maharashtra etc. and Extreme Cold conditions like that in Shillong, Mussorrie etc. where there is heavy Snowfall & Rain.
We also do cottages with double walls sandwiched with 50mm Rockwool insulation to withstand the Extreme Cold/Extreme heat climatic condition(depends on client choice as double was adds to the cost )
Our clients are extremely happy with our product and are doing extremely well in business and we can gage that when we have repeat orders from them.
What about maintenance of wooden cottage?
There is a very basic maintenance that is needed for the wooden cottage & does not involve many costs. Below are the things that we need to take care:
There is also preventive maintenance that is done prior to the construction of the Cottage it is done by treating the Plinth of the cottage with Chemicals which creates a barrier in the ground. We also use asphalt membrane sheet which is used underneath the Cottage wall which acts as a barrier and prevents termite attack.
Pest Control: We need to do pest control once a year to protect the cottage from termites & wood borers. It would be highly beneficial if pest Control is done every six months as they say prevention is better than cure. We can also connect our clients to a well experienced team who can provide pest control services with guaranteed results for your cottage/s.
Applications of Exterior weather proof paint or Chemical coating is recommended every 1.5 yrs in a tropical or monsoon climate and two years in normal climatic conditions. Application process is very simple and can be done with the help of a paint brush - Do it yourself or we can also provide the necessary services.
The cottage walls to be wiped with a clean cloth once every 2-3months.
Surroundings of the Cottage need to be kept clean from dry leaves which attract rodents, other pests, wood borers and termites.
Roof also needs to be kept clean from leaves.
For G+1Structures we recommend fibre coating of the bathroom only on the first floor.
What is the quality of the wood?
The wood used to manufacture our wooden cottages is imported from Russia & Sweden. It is FSC certified. (after every tree cut a new one is planted)
We are actively engaged in providing good quality & unique designs to our clients by our in-house designing team.
We use CNC machines for Tongue & Groove, Finger Joint and Interlocking.
The density of pine wood is around 510 -540 per kg which is very close to Sal wood. Hence the product is very strong and durable.
The moisture content of the wood is around 12-16 % (so less moisture more durable the wood).
The wide range of grain sizes makes it strong, durable, elastic and resistant to shrinkage and swelling. The more tighter the growth rings, the stronger the wood. The rings and grains are visible when the tree is cut horizontally or vertically. It is denser but still lighter than other woods. All these features make it ideal for building structures like houses.
We also use a special chemical for the Exterior & Interior of the cottage. The chemical used on the Exterior is fortified with UV filters and repels water so you worry about what happens to your cottage in the rain is taken care of by the application of this chemical.
The interior too we use a Sleek Base chemical which penetrates into the wood and prevents it from any decay.
Besides this you also need to do your regular pest control treatments and make sure the surrounding is kept it.
Our cottages are able to compete to 5 *standards if furnished well by the client.
We also provide our clients with1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and excellent after sales services as we are here to serve at all times.

Camilsons General

Who owns the Camilsons Group?
The Camilsons Group is made up of the different companies owned by Mr Caesar Fernandes. These Include, Camilsons Traders, Camilsons Foods, Camilsons Textiles and Kafmar Environmental Services LLP which is a partnership firm of Caesar and Mrs D. Fernandes. The brands include Wooden Homes India, Elegance and Cafe De Voyage and also The Ark Comforts. All the businesses are registered in Goa and the headquarters are at Camilson Bhavan in Benaulim, South Goa - India.
How can I reach the owner of the business?
Despite his busy schedule and heavy work load, Mr. Caesar Fernandes is always available to talk to anyone who wants to reach out and connect with him. If you cannot reach him on his direct phone +91 88050 21234. you can send him a message and he will reply back. You can also contact the office for an appointment to meet with him by calling +91 832 2770126
Can I purchase online?
We currently do not have an e-commerce model as our products are highly customizable and prices fluctuate on various factors. If you are interested in any product, please contact sales on +91 88050 21237 and we will send you a detailed estimate of the product/s you are interested in.
Which currencies do you accept ?
Within India all prices are quoted in Indian Rupees with GST additional as applicable. For export orders, rate is quoted in US dollars.

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