Camilsons is a company carved out by a family that has been crafting wood since the last five generations.


Manufacturer and builder of prefab family homes.

Complete wooden resort room and facilities builders.

Our units are ideal for CRZ areas as structures are temporary.

Beautiful wood furniture packages for homes and resorts.

Get practical solutions to satisfy the pollution board.

The wood we use is a renewable natural resource.

Factory built and assembled on site in a short time.

We can illustrate what your property will look like.

Camilsons Textiles manufactures hotel linen and sells direct to you.

Buy from Elegance range of premium bathroom furniture.

Pre and post construction treatment against pests.

Business ready prefab models ideal for any environment.

The Camilsons Advantage

The Camilsons Group is privately owned and a vertically integrated company. Innovation, Technology and Customer satisfaction are the blood line of the Camilsons Family and we have achieved and set the highest benchmark in the industry in a short span of time.
Our uniqueness lies in our fully equipped factory which has empowered us to ingeniously Design and develop various models specifically meeting the needs of our clientele. Offering custom made designs is something that many fall short of to this very day in almost any industry. However, we believe it is of at most importance especially in a world that strives hard to pursue and fulfill their dream and when given an opportunity “Buyers want exactly what they dream “and as a company we thoroughly “Understand it, Create it and Deliver it”.

Brief History of Camilsons Group

1982 Camilsons Industries is born with Mr Camilo Fernandes
1985 Camilsons Industries is registered in Goa
2005 Mr Caesar Fernandes inherits Camilsons Industries
2007 Camilsons Traders is registered.
2010 Wooden Homes India becomes the official brand of Camilsons Traders
2016 Kafmar Environmental Solutions LLP is launched.
2019 Camilsons Textiles is added to the portfolio of companies
2020 Camilsons Foods is registered to handle the business requirements of Café de Voyage and the food production unit.
2021 The Ark Comforts resort is built.

Support when you need it?

Customer support is one of our best services, we reply to all support requests and have clients we have done business with for over 10 years. We are available on the phone, email, whatsapp and at our office location.

The Man behind the Group

Mr. Caesar Fernandes inherited South Goa’s premier Camilsons Industries in 2006 with the sole intention of keeping his family’s legacy alive. But the thirst to take this embodied carpentry, woodwork, skill and craftsmanship renowned for decades globally, led him to venture into areas like sanitary wares, interior designs, outdoor furniture. It was not until the year 2010 his thirst quenched, when an unpleasant experience of a stay in a wooden home got him thinking about developing wooden homes of a strong aesthetic quality, cost effective and still can provide an endearing living experience; the kind of experience he craved for and gave birth to Wooden Homes India.

CSR Initiatives

Caesar Fernandes along with the Camilsons Group believe in a hands on approach when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Over the years Caesar and his team have been involved in several environmental clean up projects, beach cleaning activities and social awareness campaigns. Kafmar Environmental Solutions also offers CSR opportunities for other companies who can now "Adopt a Water Body" and give back to the environment. If you would like to know more about this, kindly contact 8805002156 for details.


This is not a complete list, just a selected few. You can also check out the portfolio section to see a few more projects we have carried out.

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